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SI-CERT (Slovenian Computer Emergency Response Team) is a designated national computer security incident response team (CSIRT) that operates within the framework of the ARNES (Academic and Research Network of Slovenia) public institute. According to tasks and responsibilities identified by NIS Directive it monitors incidents at a national level, provides early warning, alerts, announcements and dissemination of information to relevant stakeholders about risks and incidents, responds to incidents and provides risk and incident analysis and situational awareness. 

SI-CERT performs risk and incident handling in accordance with Article 28 of the Information Security Act, which defines following responsibilities:    

  • To the subjects for which it is responsible SI-CERT offers methodological support, help and cooperation in case of an incident;
  • Accepts data about risks and vulnerabilities in the area of information security, shares the data with the affected systems administrators, and issues warnings;
  • Cooperates in the network of CSIRT groups and also in other international cooperation networks;
  • Cooperates with CSIRT groups and security-operations centres in the Republic of Slovenia and CSIRT groups in other EU Member States;
  • Raises awareness of users in the area of information security;
  • Issues warnings about the risks and vulnerabilities in the area of information security;
  • Cooperates with the competent national authority and offers information upon request about performing SI-CERT’s competencies on the basis of this Act.

SI-CERT also independently operates the Safe on the Internet national awareness programme on information security and participates in the SAFE-SI project.

The SI-CERT services are available to the general public. SI-CERT is financed by the Government Information Security Office, which is the competent national authority of Slovenia in the field of cyber-security.

For detailed information regarding SI-CERTs’ activities please refer to the RFC 2350-compliant specification.

International cooperation

SI-CERT is a member of the CSIRTs network, established in accordance with Article 12 of the NIS Directive, the member of the global Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), the group of national response centres at CERT/CC and the European response centre working group (TF-CSIRT) and is accredited by the Trusted Introducer programme.